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the duvall food forest



This is a project that sprouted in August 2019, and continues to grow today. Please, visit the website to learn more.


Our vision is to create a model of environmental stewardship in the heart of Western Washington, while nourishing community and participating in a sustainable food economy. 


We pursue this vision by focusing on:

Ecosystems / by developing and stewarding an ecosystem, providing habitat and producing an abundance of food,       fuel, medicine and fiber.

Community / by creating a fun, interactive, and beautiful place for people to come together, learn, grow, and be fed.

Education / by providing transformational learning experiences for all people to promote land stewardship and ancestral skills


The land was historically the home of the Snoqualmie Native Americans. In 1910, the Dougherty Family moved their house up the hill and lived there until Leo Dougherty died in 1983. In 1985, the Duvall Historical Society started working on preserving the house, with a lease from the Catholic Archdiocese who owned the house upon Leo Dougherty's death. In 1997, King County purchased the 26 remaining acres with open space funds and gave it to the city of Duvall. From 2010 to 2016, Alana McCoy, project manager for the city of Duvall, stewarded the one acre of land and grew food with the community. From 2016 to 2019, Kyle Koch, natural movement instructor, stewarded the land and gathered community to create pathways, hugelkulture beds, and plant fruit trees and herbs. Today, we are creating a beautiful future for this place and it's people, based on the diverse, abundant, and gracious support of the past. You can learn more about the fascinating history of this particular place by visiting The Duvall Historical Society.


In August 2019, the city of Duvall released a request for proposals for a person(s) to use and manage one acre of farm land, adjacent to the historic Dougherty Farmstead at 26524 NE Cherry Valley Rd, Duvall, WA 98019. A proposal was submitted that included some of the concepts shared here. The city responded with a thumbs up and noncontractual support. Since October 2019, a group of passionate and committed individuals, alongside the leadership of Jeff Davis, have been engaging the process of creating a design plan and formal proposal (see below for results). A first concept plan is to be submitted to City Council on January 21, 2020.

results from a six month community DESIGN AND PLANNING process


Community and connection

Education and role-modeling


Health and healing



Ownership, stewardship, and conservation

Habitat building

Job creation

Creating a tourist destination


Acts of gathering





Anchoring our agricultural heritage




Water is life. Seeds of life. 


Earth care -- respect all life

People care - we are all family

Share the surplus -- give what you can


Aerial view of site























Base map with sectors

Concept plan vERSION ONE





















map zoomed in.jpg
Duvall Food Forest_sectors.jpg
Duvall Food Forest_concept_11_30.jpg

Concept plan vERSION TWO

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