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Hello, my name is Jeffrey Davis. I was born and raised in southern California, and I currently I live in the Snoqualmie River Valley, outside of Seattle, Washington.

I'm a father, artist, designer, gardener, and experienced professional with over a decade of experience in environmental stewardship, ecosystem development, sustainable agriculture, project management, and non-profit work. I am driven by my passions, love for our shared environment, and desire to learn, grow, and be of service. 

Throughout my career, I've successfully initiated and led a diversity of creative projects, ranging from landscape design and installations, to educational program development. Most notably, I spearheaded initiatives such as the design adn installation of an urban farm for a restaurant, and a public food forest for a city. In addition, I designed and developed a suite of eco-educational programming, including 50 hands-on workshops in one year, a 3-month eco-apprenticeship proram, "farm to fork" cooking classes, and more. These are just a few examples that showcase my ability to generate ideas and deliver solutions in service to my community and our shared environment.

With an educational foundation in permaculture design, naturalist studies, project management certification from University of Washington, and degree in cultural anthropology from University of California, I bring a unique blend of technical knowledge to the table.

At the moment, I am the sole owner and operator of Integrated Ecological Services, my business that offers ecological landscape design, consultation, installation, and stewardship services. I also oversee day-to-day operations at The Duvall Food Forest, a non-profit edible public park. This is another successful initiative I started which allows me to help others build skills while learning about environmental stewardship. 

These work experiences have honed my skills in business development, strategic planning, and community engagement, resulting in tangible contributions to advancing sustainability at a local level.


In my freetime, I love spending time in my garden, and pursuing my passion for contemplative arts. I share many of my drawings, paintings, and poetry, here on this website. Thanks for your interest in my work. Please, reach out if you'd like to connect. 

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