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Permaculture Design

Jeff Davis has almost a decade of experience in the fields of environmental education, permaculture design, organic gardening, and farming. He is the founder of The Duvall Food Forest, and is available for permaculture design consultations, and collaborating on land-based projects. Explore some of his work below, and contact to learn more.

unsolicited testimonial 


"Our yard has been a real success, both for the environment and for us!  Specifically, it has saved so much water and enhanced the water table.  We have particularly been impressed with how using the sod underneath from the old lawn has provided a slow steady release of nourishment to the plantings that are there now.  We have lost a few of the plants, but others have grown so steadily that they have filled in.  Your agave's are particularly gorgeous and also the little purple flowering plants.  The dry river bed relieved so much the problem of the watershed from the roof, and the little pool contained even the heaviest rains this winter so that none of the precious rain was wasted.  We continue to marvel at the rain barrel in the back and how much it helps to have that water for our potted plants. We have so many bees and birds in both front and back yard who are also enjoying the new landscape!"

- Nancy Pfaffl, a client from Dana Point, CA.

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