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Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my landscape design portfolio. I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad for the opportunity to share some of my work with you.

Scroll down to see photos of some meaningful landscape design and build projects I have done. Scroll further, or click here, and you will see some recent design projects, completed for both residential and business clients. If you want to learn more about me and my background, visit my about page here.

Thanks again for visiting. Please, reach out here if you want to chat, or have any questions, requests, feedback, proposals, ideas, and more. 

The Duvall Food Forest

The city of Duvall released a RFP requesting for persons to use and manage a 1 acre parcel of public land, adjacent to the city dog park. I was honored to learn my proposal for creating a public edible park and community garden was accepted. Over the next six-months, I led a design, review, and planning process involving 100+ individuals and organizations from the local community, and formed a non-profit to oversee the development of the design. Today, the space is regularly activated with community gardeners, educational and community building event, and mores. Visit the website to learn more.

DFF Concept v.2.jpg


The owner of this rural property needed help "figuring out" how to develop food producing gardens while reducing their dependence on city water. This design began with a comprehensive plan for slowing, spreading, and sinking water into the landscape through earthworks. Later, food producing gardens were sited where conveinent.

cosmic springs_concept map.jpg

The Highlands Homestead

The client wanted to create a homebase for beauty, magic and wellness, with multiple dwellings, an art studio, commercial herb kitchen, orchards, gardens, small livestock integration and more. The elements of this 3+ acre design project that were installed include fruit and nut orchards, greywater and rainwater systems, annual gardens, pathways, gathering spaces and more. Today, the space hosts hundreds of people every year for educational and community building events. 


water resilient homestead

This particular client was experiencing water related issues, such as poor drainage/pooling and erosion. At the same time, they wanted to grow food and make a home for a diversity of livestock. The design provided transformed their water related issues into solutions that balanced their specific needs with the unique possibilities of their landscape. 

Dani and Chris LaLonde_concept drawing v3.jpg

tropical FOOD FOREST

This backyard garden design, and very fun installation, all in the spirit of growing food to support a healthy family. The tropical plant pallete is my favorite to work with. This one featuring perennial and annual veggies, culinary herbs, fruits and vines...imagine passion fruit vines, papayas, banana. That's aloha.  


Tiny home sanctuary

This residential design began with an existing tiny home, surrounded by less than desirable landscaping. This design is a celebration of the clients dream to grow more food and herbs while creating sanctuary and encouraging pollinators. The budget allowed for creative use of existing materials in order to increase growing spaces.

Webb_concept plan.jpg


A farm and nature-based Montessori school, located on several rural acres in Duvall, WA. I was excited and motivated to complete this design for stakeholders consisting of passionate parents, teachers, and young families. The design included access for families and livestock, teaching gardens, play areas, and more. 

Untitled-Artwork (4).JPG

The Cellar x RSM Design Urban Farm

This design request came from two neighboring businesses, a design firm and a restaurant. The design firm wanted a multi-use outdoor space for staff meetings, entertaining clients, and lunch breaks, while the restaurant wanted to grow food and herbs for use in their kitchen. The final collaboration features a mural, outdoor theater space, raised beds for annual veggies, fruit trees and more. The restaurant grows almost all their salad greens and gardenishes, while the design firm enjoys the space regularly. 



The client wanted to grow flowering plants, food, medicine, and have better access to outdoor space. This concept incorporated fruit trees into a front yard pollinator garden. A pathway through the space encourages interaction and relationship building between the family, neighbors, and their landscape. 

Class Design Sketch.jpg


This residential design was created as a long term development plan for the client, whom desired to incorporate livestock, establish a market garden, mitigate erosion and more.  



This residential design features a pollinator pathway, annual garden, and placement of greenhouse, compost bin and rainwater catchment. The client wanted to grow food and create a privacy hedge while attracting beneficial pollinators. The details in this plan included planting lists and more. 

Concept Design_Archbold_noname.jpg
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