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This Fall 2020, I'm thrilled to have such talented and creative local artists and makers contributing their work to the inaugural Community Supported Art Box. Scroll down this page to learn more about each of the artist and makers. 

Click here to see examples of the art objects. 

Ready to order? Click here and fill out the form. Remember, you can split a box too! 


glass blower

robert bank

Robert Bank has been blowing glass for over two decades and has become known in his industry for quality and innovation. He is a father of two upcoming young Glassblowers, entrepreneur and CEO of his own companies, Director of Wholesale Cannabis Markets in IL for a leading US National Cannabis company and previous owner of multiple retail stores. He loves to ride his bike and allow time to disappear by a riverbed or the ocean building Cairns. Robert has a large following and is well known for his integrity, authenticity and mad skill in his craft. Bank Glass can be found all over the globe. Each piece of his work holds his signature and the energy of his heart.

Robert Blank will be contributing reusable glass drinking straws.

Visit his website at:


wild-crafter and herbalist

rachael witt

Rachael Witt is a wild-crafter, herbalist, gardener, educator and an advocate for land stewardship. She started Wildness Within with the goal of bringing together people and plants in as many ways as possible. She offers consultations, teachings and wild plant remedies. Her craft consists of offering plants as food, plants as medicine and plants for utilitarian purposes.

Rachael Witt will be contributing handmade herbal remedies including a tea, a salve, and a syrup or tincture. Each made with wild harvested and organically grown herbs (most of which are locally grown in the greater Snoqualmie Valley). 

Visit her website at:

Abstract Colors 6

Maker of toys and whimsical objects

paula strobel

Paula Strobel will be contributing wool felt trophy head pins with bead and embroidery work. 

Visit her on Facebook at:


fine artist

daniel cautrell

Dan Cautrell is a fine artist living and working in the Snoqualmie Valley. He is primarily a printmaker specializing in woodcut and linoleum prints. From this foundation, he has evolved into wood carving and public art.

Dan Cautrell will be contributing an original linoleum print. The prints will be an open edition, signed and numbered.

Visit him at:

more smile and tilt - Anthony Andreasik.

storyteller and nature mentor

anthony andreasik

As a young boy, Anthony "T-Bone" Andreasik used to fall asleep telling himself stories. He would whisper them to himself until his Mom would say "Anthony, it's time to be quiet and go to sleep." As an adult, terrified of public speaking, mentors taught him, and he slowly practiced and learned how to tell stories to an audience. Then, his imagination opened into a world of creating oral stories, sometimes through a spoken meandering through a story while gardening, or sometimes on the spot in front of a gracious audience of students. Now, with community support and the help of brilliant artists, some of these stories have been distilled into children's books! They are built with love, intention, and playfulness, and are great gifts for children or to add to your personal children's book collection.

Anthony "T-Bone" Andreasik will be contributing two of his children's books including "No Nose," a 32 page children's picture book, and "Margaret's Planet," a 64 page children's picture book. Both of these books are printed on 100% recycled paper, and independently published with the help of friends, family, and community. 

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Carol Gould

Carol Barksdale Gould has been a Snoqualmie resident and teaching artist for the past thirty years. As owner-operator of Terra Nova Studios, she creates exceptional pottery for everyday use and shares the ‘madness of mud’ in her teaching studio.

Carol Gould will be contributing two hand-thrown stoneware soup mugs​. They hold 16oz. and are dishwasher safe. 

Visit her at:

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